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Hello and welcome to OurMed, a portal for health information created by and for people just like you. We seek your assistance to help build the site. Do you see something that needs to be improved? Go right ahead and fix it! Are we missing a page of valuable information? We welcome you to make a new page! 

Currently, OurMed is seeking energetic and motivated volunteers to join our dynamic and innovative team. If you have a passion for writing, editing, web development or non-profit fundraising read on for more information and send your resume to Vanessa.Moore@OurMed.Org. To get started, follow the guide below.

Getting Started_________________________________________________________________________________________________

Create an Account

Creating a profile is an important way to get started. A key issue that internet users frequently cite is lack of transparency in the origin of information. A profile is the first way that the OurMed Community – contributors and readers alike – get to know and trust you. Plus, you are doing a wonderful service for individuals all over! Your profile allows you to take credit for your work.

  • To create an account click on "Log-in/Create an account" on the upper right-hand.
  • You will then be asked to create a username and password. In keeping with OurMed’s goal of transparency, we ask users to either use their full name (my own OurMed account is Vanessa.Moore) or a first initial and last name.
  • Once your account is created, create a brief bio that includes your background, education, current medical status, medical and health interests and other relevant information.

You are now ready to start posting!

What's Your Role?_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Content Committee

The Content Committee is our most extensive volunteer committee. Content committee questions can be directed to Greg Miller, greg@ourmed.org. Tasks include:http://www.ourmed.org/index.php?title=Current_Events

  • Creating original work based on your interests and medical skill set, or editing existing work.
  • Providing collaborative support to your fellow writers by leaving feedback on the discussion board.
  • Working with the community to bring style sheets and user award systems up-to-date
  • Simplify and synthesize complex medical issues for the everyday laymen

Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee is excellent for those who strongly believe in OurMed's mission, but do not feel comfortable writing. Questions about the recruitment committee can be sent to Lillian Ruiz. Tasks include:

  • Creating and maintaining a strong network of potential OurMed writers, programmers, marketers and fundraisers.
  • Post volunteer opportunites.
  • Organize recruitment activities - big or small - designed to excite and intrigue potential meetings
  • Work with the Marketing Committee to develop "brand evangelizing" techniques.

Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee questions can be sent to Greg Miller at Greg.Miller@ourmed.org.

  • Develop fact sheets and presentation materials for the Recruitment Committee and the Fundraising Committee.
  • Establish a social networking presence using Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Develop research on medical professionals that determines what kinds of care providers are more likely to volunteer, their concerns, etc.
  • Develop a homepage video that is appealing to both doctors and health care consumers

Technology Committee

Content committee questions can be directed to Vincent Navarro

  • Develop Tech specs for versions 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Quality Assurance throughout new development stage (Winter of 2009/2010)
  • Devise an automated verification system
  • Design and create a user account profile in accordance with OurMed specifications.
  • Work with other highly engaged and innovative volunteers to develop a one of a kind open source community and one of a kind website.

Fundraising Committee

Questions can be left at Greg Miller's talk page at: http://ourmed.org/index.php/User_talk:Gmiller.

  • Draft and complete Letters of Inquiry
  • Assist the Executive Director with grant writing
  • Plan and execute a June fundraiser event

Interested in collaborating? Call in to the weekly Community Meetings every Friday at 2 at (712) 775-7000, Access Code: 634011#

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