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System access is separate issue, and only provided to chosen Board Member, E.D, and CTO

Creates Admins no no
Check User Data Access (If granted by Bureaucrat) no
Assigns Gen'l Privileges no
Protect/Unprotect Pages no
Delete Pages no
Block Users no
Verify User Credentials by Sysop
Publish Articles by Sysop
Stamp of Approval by Sysop
Make Edits, Change Article Contents by Sysop
Create Articles in Sandbox
Rating of Articles

Legend: ✓=has privilege

NB: All privileges assume that the higher level has same function.

Thus, users could work their way up the ladder, gaining additional privileges as they earn them and thereby eventually apply to become admin/sysops, or higher, as necessity and openings allow.

Where the term "check boxes" is used above, it is anticipated that these will be Check boxes which appear on the admin/sysop and bureaucrat's screens, which allow them to grant users these specific privileges.

So, in the same way that blocked users are automatically placed in a category, so that all can see them, those granted these specific privileges, will be automatically placed in an appropriate category, so that admins and others with appropriate privileges can move the articles along the process.

  • A Physician (or PhD or equal) registers: starts writing an article (initially in a sandbox). His/her credentials should be reviewed ASAP by an admin or user with "reviewer" privilege, and once accepted, granted "Publish" privileges, which automatically gives the doctor all lower privileges as well. I.e., to edit existing articles, give stamp of approval for articles waiting in sandboxes written by lay persons, etc.
  • A lay person registers and starts an article in a sandbox. On completion, s/he can check a box, that gets the attention of an admin or user with above privilege, and the article can be reviewed and published by the person with appropriate authority.
  • After a lay contributor make several quality edits, they can apply, at a forum for that purpose, for advancement to a higher level of privilege. E.g., to be able to edit existing articles, etc.

Thus the Categories below listed can be automated. Others can be created as required and applied to appropriate articles.

All articles should have a link at the bottom for all users to vote on rating the article. ★ - ★★★★★ stars.

Anyone to whom an admin grants permissions, should be automatically on the watch page for that admin, and likewise any article given an approval stamp should be on the watch list for the user granting the approval and the admin who supervises that user.

NB Please see the Mediawiki page on User Rights at: [[1]] for a full explanation of all possible rights.

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