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Greg Miller, OurMed Executive Director

Hi Everybody,

I've had the great honor to work on OurMed over the past year. Drawing on my background in corporate marketing/finance and volunteer management, I've enjoyed helping build OurMed using my experience developing non-profit communities as well as with putting new products in the market place. After attending the University of Michigan to study International Business, I had the privilege to work abroad for nine years for Bosch (Germany), Shearson Lehman Hutton (England) and EDS (Japan). Upon my return to the US in 1996, I've been in New York continuing work developing brands for large companies (All Nippon Airways, Cablevision and Revlon) through 2005.

Having been inspired by health care and art non-profits since 2003, I founded a non-profit art services organization that produces New York's annual Dance Parade. Looking to hone my skills on volunteer community building and non-profit work, I discovered a good fit with OurMed and have been Executive Director since January of 2009. I am profoundly moved by OurMed's mission to create a global community of non-biased health care users because I think that it is a sorely needed resource, coupled with a viable mission.

I'd like to make a special shout-out to the OurMed Board of Directors, all extremely busy people. Professor Stan Kachnowski has been wonderful to squeeze out time between New York and India to mentor us and the community on Technology Innovation for healthcare. Florence Devouard, founder of Wikipedia/France and former Board chair of the Wikimedia Foundation that made Wikipedia has contributed her invaluable insights to community building and technology expertise. Alex Fotopolous, a talented attorney in his private life, has devoted countless hours to review and revise legal contracts. Oleta McHenry, former accountant at the Wikimedia Foundation, has been a great help with financial policies and protocols.

The community that has developed over the past year has been amazing. We have managed to build up five committees: Fund raising, Tech, Marketing, Recruitment and Content. There have been a few people who've worked full time on this project that I'd like to pay tribute too--Early on with Jonathan Tsao, Lillian Ruiz and Kinneri Shah. Special thanks to Vincent Navarro from Cornell Weil Medical College who's helped narrow down over 25 prospects in developing OurMed Phase 2 with Physician authored verification mechanism as well as a feature to allow Consumer Ratings. Dr. Geoff Hayden has been really wonderful to help create the OurMed Intro Video that you can watch from our homepage. Eileen McGinn, a researcher in the field of Psychiatry, has been also great to forward hundreds of news articles on why we need OurMed. John Volpe, project manager at the Tap Root Foundation, helped immensely with advice on developing OurMed as an organization. Gabrielle Greeves, Claire McNurdy and Elizabeth Grodin have been great at helping with Fund raising prospects and proposal writing. More recently Dr. Stephen Press and Richard Knipel from the Wikimedia Foundation's NYC Chapter have given us great support in helping to grow our content with advice on growing the community. Elise Passikoff has been throwing her expertise in web development into the mix, being a dream-maker with helping to enabling our lofty vision.

And thanks to all the others that have contributed content and have been involved with our weekly community calls--Between five and 15 people have carved out a half hour each Friday to join a Community call where we discuss new ideas for the website as well as issues in the world of medical information. You're invited too--Join us!

You are all amazing--Without you, it wouldn't be "Our Med".


Founding Framer Award Recipient

Upon nomination by the Executive Director, and election by the Founding Framer's Committee, OurMed's Board of Directors has bestowed upon this editor the "Founding Framer Award", OurMed's highest distinction, for dedication and devotion to the founding of, after donating more than 100 hours of his valuable time. This award will only be awarded to the first 100 volunteers to contribute, and their names are to enshrined on OurMed's website for all time.

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The Barnstar of Good Humor

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For Greg Miller, OurMed's Executive Director, who's personality, lightness of spirit and good manners always makes OurMed a joyous place to work; Savealife; Ourmed-Exec. Tech. Dir. 02:40, 27 August 2010 (UTC)
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