Technical Layout

I. Homepage
     a. Volunteer Portal
     b. About OurMed
i. Founding Sponsors
ii. Our Sponsors
c. Donate
i. Donation options
ii. Our Sponsors
iii. *See where your money goes (interactive)
d. Featured Content
e. Search
f. Postal Code Component [VI]

II. Login page
a. Functions
i. Register
1. Input form with to-be-determined values
ii. Sign-in
1. Invalid entry = red text near submit, NOT new page
2. Valid entry= User Page
iii. Forgot password
1. Option to e-mail (Must confirm e-mail to reset), otherwise ignore
2. Also, both reset and old pw should work after resetting

III. User Page
a. Profile Components (TBD)
b. User Contributions
c. Points to next level
d. Task Queue Component
e. Messages Component
f. Groups
g. *External news component

IV. Review Page
a. Original document on left
b. Comparison document on left
c. Changes differentiated (highlighted, bolded, different color?)
d. Revision numbers on each and date/time

V. Rating Component
a. Main Articles [IX]
i. Editors
1. Editorial rating components (TBD)
ii. Users
1. Thumbs up
2. Thumbs down
b. User-generated articles
i. Users
1. Thumbs up
2. Thumbs down
c. Physicians
i. Peers
1. Peer-reviewed Metrics (TBD) [OurRating® Component]
ii. Patients
1. Patient-side metrics (TBD) [OurRating® Component]

VI. Postal Code Component
a. Input
i. Postal Code
ii. Specialty
iii. Radius in miles from Postal Code
b. Analysis
i. Vectorize and determine point of origin + radius
ii. Integrate points to Maps API
iii. Calculate OurRating® according to algorithm
iv. Sort results by highest OurRating
c. Output
i. Display physicians auto-arranged by OurRating®

VII. Point System
a. Levels (Titles?)
b. Points [Linked to Tasks Queue]

VIII. Task queue
a. Article Editing
b. Article Reviewing
c. Peer-Evaluation
d. *Other Content
IX. Main Articles (Specific Formatting TBD)
a. Diseases
b. Procedures
c. Treatments (Pharmaceuticals)
d. Treatments (Holistic)
e. Regionalized information
f. Anatomical
g. Related Groups
X. Semantic Layer
a. Term Database
i. ICD-9
ii. ICD-10
iv. DiseasesDB
b. Linking Data [IX]

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