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Australia coach Ange Postecoglou has refused to confirm or deny reports he is planning to quit his post before next year??s World Cup final, even if the Socceroos qualify.
News Corp reported on Wednesday the national team coach would walk away following next month??s final qualifying playoff against Honduras that will determine Australia??s fate.
Postecoglou said he was aware of the reports but insisted his thoughts remained firmly on the upcoming two-legged tie against the team from the Concacaf region.
??My sole focus is on preparing the team for our final two qualifying matches. I will not let anything compromise the team??s journey on getting to a fourth consecutive Fifa World Cup,?? said Postecoglou.
FFA chief executive David Gallop said he had spoken to Postecoglou about the reports and agreed the focus should be on the November matches.
??Beyond that, should we qualify, there is a period of some months until the World Cup and we agreed that we will [url=][/url] need to lock in our set up as soon as possible to maximise our preparation time,?? Gallop said.
Reports variously suggested [url=]Womens Ray Bourque Jersey[/url] Postecoglou, who has been in charge of the Socceroos since 2013, [url=][/url] would stand down due to the criticism he has received in the media over recent months or to pursue opportunities that may arise to coach at club level overseas.
Australia will play Honduras in an intercontinental playoff next month to determine whether they will reach a fourth consecutive World Cup. The first leg will be played in the central American nation with Sydney??s ANZ Stadium confirmed as the venue for the return fixture.
Postecoglou would have quit earlier had the Socceroos automatically qualified from their Asian conference group, according to News Corp. But results against Japan and Thailand saw Saudi Arabia pip them to the second automatic spot.
That forced Australia into a playoff with Syria, which they won by the skin of their teeth with an extra-time Tim Cahill header on Tuesday night. Post-match [url=]Tre Madden Womens Jersey[/url] Postecoglou gave no indication of an intention to quit his post.
Postecoglou??s deal with the Socceroos expires at the [url=]Dougie Hamilton Adidas Jersey[/url] end of this World Cup cycle and he has indicated in the past he would not seek an extension beyond next year??s tournament in Russia.


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