Is life just an illusion?

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Hello guys,

Everything is made up? Without our minds and the things we create with it, the universe and everything in it wouldn't exist?
What's your opinion?


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Some sadness, until the last moment of life will still remain in the heart. Some sad, only in the moment, for the other side, but also for their own, must be put down, is the best way to each other. Years ago, he was a little-known network writers, can only earn meager reward. Nevertheless, he still insisted on his dream - when a professional writer, published his own works. In order to achieve this dream, he worked hard to write, but has not been significant progress and achievements. And she, at first, because of his writing, only to his good fortune, choose to be with him. Perhaps because of the young, she believes he will be able to dream come true, no matter how her family objected, how hard life, she was one by one endure, even if you eat a lot of pain, she felt as long as he struggled with , And then bitter is also a kind of happiness. However, as time went by, she began to feel uneasy. Because she could not see any hope in the future, worried that his life would be spent on a dream that would not have been fulfilled, and that one day she would not be able to live and leave her loved one. He understood her inner worries, but he could not bear to give up his dream. He believes that one day he can realize his dream, bring her rich life, will not live up to her perseverance and companionship. Finally one day, she could no longer bear such a distant waiting for him, made a break to him. Watching the increasingly haggard of her, he could not bear to let her stay in the side of suffering, even if the dismay, but also to let her leave. He turned the pain of romance into the power of struggle and wrote many works. Perhaps it is God to have mercy on him, his work has gradually been concerned about, there is a publishing house willing to publish a work for him. Fortunately, he published the first work to get praise, but also received several gold full of awards. Through this momentum, he continued to write hard, hope to be able to a higher level. The emperor has become a popular writer, he has become a popular writer, published works have become bestseller. He finally realized the dream, did not live up to so many years of effort. In order to thank the support of his book fans, he held a signature meeting. The scene is very lively, the book fans holding his published works line up waiting for him to sign. The number is too much, he has some tired, is trying to staff to find ways to end the event, a little girl holding his first book in front of him. Do not have the heart to refuse the little girl, he kindly asked the little girl's name, the little girl asked him to write her mother's name. Turned out to be a mother to sign the child, he smiled, after all, he wrote this book is a sad love story, how can children understand it? But in the next second he heard the little girl say a familiar name stunned. He has been the name hidden in the bottom of my heart, dare not mention, but can not think of. Thought that so many years should also forget, did not expect to hear the name again, you can wake up all the relevant memory, the picture is still clear in my mind. He asked her little girl where her mother, the little girl raised his little finger to the side. Along the direction of the little girl, he saw the familiar figure, hidden in the heart of the heart of my heart. Look at the book in the hands of the book every word written by him and her story, record his love and dismay. However, he suppressed the complex mood, raised the pen on the title page of the book wrote her name, hesitated for a moment, wrote a "wish you happiness", quickly signed his name, the letter handed the letter Little girl, and little girl waved goodbye, but never to see the distant her, continue to the next book fans signature. He knew that the farewell period passed. Because she already has his own life and happiness, he can not disturb. This is his only, but also the last thing for her to do. Even if there is no more than dismay, can only stay in this moment. The next moment, he and she should forget the rivers and lakes, back to their choice on the road, spent the rest of his life.

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