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As we plan our next stage of development, new features, tools and content via OurMed's technology partner, we ask YOU, the community for your valuable input and advice.  ~GMiller,

Suggestions for volunteers

New Articles

All editors should be working on bring new articles to the site. You can generally just ctrl-c and then ctrl-v to cut and paste the article from one site to this one. (See "help" section for assistance on attribution)

Existing articles

If you are not working on any other project, is to simply click on any article from the main page, and look down the article to see where there are red links. Anything in red means we don't have an article on OurMed at present; and this is your cue.

  • 1st- look at the bottom of the existing article, and see where we got it from.
  • 2nd- If Wikipedia, then open a second browser window and check the name of that red links article there.
  • 3rd- Go down, one by one and simply ctrl-c on Wiki, then click on the red link on OurMed, and when the window opens, and type ctrl-v, to paste the article.
  • 4th- At the bottom of the new article type these characters {{ATTRIB}}. This automatically enters the proper attribution to Wikipedia.

If you encounter any issues, contact me.Savealife 18:17, 31 May 2010 (UTC)

"OurMedify"ing Articles

Note: Articles in Wikipedia have links to every other article in Wikipedia. They call this "Wikifying" the article. We need to "Ourmedify" our articles by removing all the unnecessary links in articles brought from Wikipedia and other sites. You can edit any such article and remove the unneeded links from either side of any city, state or country name. Those we surely do not need here. That alone will save some admin a lot of work.

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