Nabidh is a drink traditionally made from fruits such as raisins/grapes or dates. Nabidh may be non intoxicating, mildy intoxicating, or possibly heavily intoxicating depending on the level of fermentation.

Narrated Abu Hurayrah:

I knew that the Apostle of Allah used to keep fast. I waited for the day when he did not fast to present him the drink (nabidh) which I made in a pumpkin. I then brought it to him while it fermented. He said: Throw it to this wall, for this is a drink of the one who does not believe in Allah and the Last Day. [1]

Ibn Fadlan

Arab writer Ibn Fadlan states that it was drunk by the Vikings [2].

Brewed for ten days, nabidh was probably alcohol-based and may have included henbane, cannabis, and/or opium [2].

Fadlan describes the drink being given to a female slave who was sacrificed, by strangulation and stabbing, during a ship burial ceremony [2].


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