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This article documents the progress made in the OurMed's new website (Phase2).

The remainder of this article documents how OurMed's Web developer, Blueliner, has completed the following elements of Phase 2's Milestone1:

  • 2 Homepage Designs Style and brand that should be reflected throughout the site. This includes color, font, navigation preference, header, footer, and any interactive elements in the navigation.
  • 10-15 templates of different pages throughout the site Potential sitemap Proposed site architecture including the CMS system that will be used (MediaWiki).
  • Project plan for the entire development period and timelines for the next set of deliverables.
  • High-level use cases Access to Project Management Tools Picking out potential stock images that could be used for the site

We are very pleased to present to the Community the completion of the design and discovery phase (Milestone 1) of the OurMed Phase 2 project.

A lot of credit for this incredible achievement must go to Vincent Navarro and the tech committee (Stan Kachnowski, John Volpe, Stephen Press and Elise Passikoff) as well as our vendor, Blueliner, who has come up with the attached design comps as well as all of the details stipulated within the contract.

Vincent's thorough review is wonderfully articulated in an email below and I have also included Blueliner's Arbab Hassan's plans to progress the project further. As discussion/investigation about the CMS platform caused delay in the project, it would be most appreciated by all to have a speedy approval.

Tony Wasserman, distinguished scholar on Open Source Technology is coming to New York the first weekend and June and we hope to have a Milestone 1 celebration at that time which you'll all be invited to.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns you might have.


Greg Miller
Acting Executive Directoran
o (212) 740-1850
c (917) 627-7155
f (267) 295-9949

Here are a few of the current pages

Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Homepage Design Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 About Page, Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Articles, Design Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Bio edit, Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Bio view, Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Login, Milestone1

Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Dashboard, Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 My Activity, Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Profile My Talk, Design Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Register, Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Terms, Milestone1

Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Recent View, Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Profile Fav, Milestone1
Blueliner/OurMed Phase2 Error Page, Design Milestone1

Forwarded message ----------
From: Vincent Navarro <>
Date: Tue, May 18, 2010 at 1:58 PM
Subject: Milestone 1 Complete
To: Greg Miller <>

Dear Greg,

We are happy to announce the completion of Milestone 1, Phase 2 of the OurMed portal. Over the past two months the OM community has been actively involved in the development of the site as well as the vision that will drive this and future versions forward.

Blueliner Marketing (developer of OM Phase 2) has done a fantastic job and met all deliverables outlined in the contract. They have provided static compositions for a fresh and distinct look to the new OurMed site. Additionally they have provided templates of inner pages demonstrating the look and feel, navigation, and interactive elements of the site. The community has readily embraced these compositions and has provided all the feedback necessary to reach this milestone.

As per the contract they also provided a site map, project plan, high level use cases, and potential stock images. Access to project management tools was also provided.

Of particular interest and importance was the proposed site architecture. The signed contract clearly called for the site to be developed using Joomla as the content management system and MediaWiki as the engine to manage the articles. After much research Blueliner felt strongly against such an architecture due to inherent complexities in such a design. As an alternative OurMed suggested developing the site using MediaWiki and developing site components as extensions. The benefit of developing the site on the MediaWiki platform is that the developed extensions can in turn be presented to the MediaWiki community as open source extensions. Not only will we be creating a world class site but we will drive the MediaWiki platform forward by providing extensions to the community.

There is still much work to be done. We need to revisit some of the design elements as well as some very important pages. Pages such as the articles screen, which will sport a split screen for content such as comments and blogs, will require an innovative approach that we are sure Blueliner will tackle elegantly. More importantly we have an active professional community that is ready and willing to use their expertise to make this a huge success.

Vincent Navarro

Forwarded message ----------
From: Arbab Hassan <>
Date: Thu, May 13, 2010 at 7:02 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Milestone 1 Deliverables
To: Greg Miller <>
Cc: Vincent Navarro <>, Arman Rousta <>


Just wanted to recap what we talked about today.

  • Blueliner will develop the entire site on MediaWiki. That includes the following sections:
    o Homepage Splash section.
    o Articles
    o Blogs
    o Discussions
    o News
    o Events
    o User Profile
    o User Settings
    o Site Admin Features

We will try to find extension for any features that are in the spec. If extensions are not available, we will develop custom code in MediaWiki to fit the requirements. Whenever possible, we will try to encapsulate the code and make it available to the MediWiki community in forums.
* Blueliner will use the MediaWiki language engine and have the same kind of portal as Wikipedia into the different languages versions of the site.
* Blueliner will make the site fixed width according to the pre-determined width set by OurMed.
* Blueliner will try to implement the split-screen so that more real-estate is given to user-generated content when a user is browsing through the "Articles" section.

Let me know if that clears things up.


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