Meta: Article Review

If you are reviewing articles, it presupposes certain facts:

  • A. That the article is in an area of your academic expertise, and you possess a Master's Degree or higher in that or a closely related field. In other words, if you're not expert in this area, leave it to others to "review".
  • B. That you have completely read the article, and checked the references used. Or noted that more references are needed (in which case, mark the page for your watch lit and wait until someone (or you) adds the needed references to bring this up to the caliber of a "reviewed article".
  • C. All references utilized are:
    • i.From a valid industry source.
    • ii.Not broken links
    • iii. The reviewer should note any deviation from accepted professional, or scientific practices, bias, or other apparent conflicts of interest, in the referenced field
  • D. Then place the following template: {{RVWD}} at the top of the article.
  • E. Then go to the Discussion (Talk) page for the article, and place a note there, saying something like; "I have reviewed this article, and flagged it reviewed. ~~~~ (The way to sign any talk page entry).

NOTE: inline templates for editing

Here is the link to a list of appropriate templates]
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