Removing all content from a page. Newcomers often do this accidentally. On the other hand, if blanking an article is done in bad faith, it is vandalism. If blanking is done to a vandalized brand-new page, it is maintenance, and the page will be deleted by an admin.


Action by an admin, removing from a certain IP-number or username the ability to edit Ourmed. Usually done against addresses that have engaged in vandalism.

Red link

Also used: edit link, broken link. A link to a nonexistent page, usually colored red.


A category is a collection of pages automatically formed by analyzing category tags in articles. Category tags are in the form. The part after the ":" is the name of the Category. Adding a category tag causes a link to the category and any super-categories to go to the bottom of the page. As stated, it also results in the page being added to the category listing.


A change to an article that only affects formatting, grammar, and other presentational aspects.

Edit conflict

Appears if an edit is made to the page between when one opens it for editing and completes the edit. The later edit doesn't take effect, but the editor is prompted to merge their edit with the earlier one.


All previous versions of an article, from its creation to its current state. Also called page history.


Taking the text of two pages, and turning it into a single page.


Changing the name and location of an article because of a misspelling, violation of naming convention, misnomer, or inaccuracy. Involves either renaming the page or moving it and constructing a redirect to keep the original link intact.

User page

A personal page for editors. Most people use their pages to introduce themselves and to keep various personal notes and lists. They are also used by people to communicate with each other via the user talk pages. User pages are not generated automatically by the process of Registration. A user page is linked to as Hephaestos and appears as Hephaestos.


A set of pages selected by the user, who can then click on My watchlist to see recent changes to those pages.

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