July 15 2010 Tech Meeting

Tech Meeting Minutes 7/15/10

Arbab Hassan, Stephen Press, Greg Miller, John Volpe, Ananda Singh and Marilena Tsangaroulis in attendance.

Meeting commenced at 10:00am and lasted till 12:15pm

Below Agenda was distributed:
1. Project progress
2. Review of new homepage.
3. Directory of doctors/physicians and hospitals / health care facilities - need to have the data.
4. Stephen's question about using the homepage. Arbab will supply him with the wireframe to use in a sandbox to see if it can be substituted for the current main page.

Summary of what was discussed:

1. All new articles created/brought into OurMed will be tagged as "New Article" so that each can be categorized correctly
2. All current articles will be tagged "Health A-Z", then we can remove that tag from only those whch do not need it. (This is a MUCH smaller number than the other way around).
3. All current articles will also be reviewed and placed in one of the other ten categories
4. A database for physicians and hospitals/institutions will be added-must find database to use

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