Geriatric dermatology

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Geriatric dermatology is the branch of medicine that studies skin disorders in elderly and effect of aging on the skin.



Geriatric dermatology is a specialty that is receiving particular attention. Among the other topics and diseases briefly covered here are dermatologic nursing home visits, decubitus ulcers, pruritus/xerosis, eczematous dermatitis, psychogenic dermatitides, infections of the skin, purpura, vascular compromise, chronic venous insufficiency, and bullous pemphigoid. Illnesses originating in other organ systems that are made manifest on the skin often complicate the diagnostic and therapeutic picture. Chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and HIV compound the problems in diagnosing and treating geriatric dermatologic diseases. Since the human population is living longer, chronic diseases will become more prevalent, as will diseases of the skin<ref>Geriatric dermatology specialty</ref>

The skin care of elders living in nursing homes and adult congregate, subacute, and home health settings requires special effort and consideration. Practitioners who regularly assist elders in these situations may be unfamiliar with dermatology problems related to chronic disability. As the world population ages, skin care in the elderly and disabled will continue to be a challenge. However, if the diseases and problems can be addressed in a knowledgeable and problem-oriented manner, treatment can be maximized.<ref>Geriatric Dermatology in Chronic Care and Rehabilitation</ref><ref name="">Common Skin Conditions in Geriatric Dermatology</ref><ref>Geriatric Dermatology Subspecialty Making, Dermatology Times</ref>

Training and education programs

Many universities have started their training & research programs in geriatric dermatology<ref>Geriatric Dermatology training</ref><ref>geriatric dermatology training</ref><ref>geriatric dermatology elective at Davis Geriatrics Fellowship</ref><ref>Cairo university, Geriatric Dermatology subspeciality</ref> In Japan a department has been dedicated to research and training in this area including the effect of environment on skin aging.<ref>Department of Geriatric and Environmental Dermatology, Nagoya, Japan</ref><ref>Geriatric Dermatology</ref> It has been included in many geriatric medicine fellowship electives.<ref>geriatric dermatology elective</ref> The outcome of these were the specialists in geriatric dermatology<ref>Geriatric Dermatology specialist</ref><ref>General Adult and Geriatric Dermatology specialist</ref>

Geriatric dermatology clinics have been established in many countries.<ref>Geriatric Dermatology Clinic in Santa Fe, Texas</ref><ref>Geriatric dermatology clinic, Nepal</ref><ref>Geriatric dermatology clinic</ref><ref>Geriatric dermatology clinic2</ref>

Many online resources are present for continuous medical education and patient education<ref>geriatricdermatology website</ref> Also books and articles have been published in this subspeciality.<ref name=""/><ref>Geriatric Dermatology: Clinical Diagnosis and Physical Therapy book</ref><ref>Nicolas ME. Geriatric Dermatology lecture</ref>

Organisation and societies

Journal of Geriatric Dermatology is dedicated to elderly skin disorders<ref>Journal of Geriatric Dermatology</ref> International society of geriatric dermatology was established and a deriatric dermatology section of the worl dermatology congress was established in 2007<ref>Geriatric Dermatology society & section</ref>


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