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Who is a Founding Framer?

When volunteers are inspired by a clearly defined mission with obtainable objectives, great things happen. A community of the first 100 “OurMed Pioneers” will be honored as the Founding Framers of our global health reform community.

Similar to the recognition we give to those who contributed to our fiscal development, to provide incentives to Founding Donors, a lifelong webpage of the first 100 contributors will be dedicated in their honor to appreciate their hard work and service to Health Care.

Anyone can nominate a Founding Framer but a Member Qualifying Committee determine if a nomination qualifies. An OurMed Founding Framer Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded upon successful completion of 100 hours of service to the OurMed cause.

The first Founding Framers to have completed the requirements for their awards are:
(In the order in which they have qualified.)

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Prof. Stan Kachnowski


Professor Stan Kachnowski (Skywalker)

OurMed's Board Chairman
is one of America’s distinguished scholars in healthcare information policy and management having taught e-health and healthcare e-business for nearly 20 years. He has authored over 100 scholarly papers and presentations for the world’s leading journals and societies in healthcare technology management, informatics and e-governance.

Professor Kachnowski has been teaching at the graduate level since 1991. He is currently a Professor of Health Information Management in the Division of Policy and Management at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, where he teaches several courses in Healthcare Informatics. His teaching, speaking, writing, and grant work spans the world of Healthcare Informatics, including payors, pharmaceuticals, and providers. He recently presented a compilation of research on how Online Consultation will break the Digital Divide in Public Health at the Cornell Medical School Alumni Association Meeting.

Other recent research and publication topics include the acceleration of new medicines approval by using internet-based clinical trial tools; physician adoption of clinical informatics tools, and; the advent of patient informatics through the rise of online consultation and bioinformatics.

He is regularly featured in publications and conferences in the US and abroad such as TEPR, CeBit, InfoCARE, Healthcare Infomatics, and Business Insurance, and the Journal of the World Medical Association.

Professor Kachnowski was a Fellow in Health Information Systems at the University of Vermont, where he also earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in U.S. Foreign Policy, European History, and Languages, respectively, as well as a Masters in Health Information Systems with Honors. He finished his graduate and post-graduate work building a series of SAS-driven, C/C++, mainframe-based intranet applications.

Last year Professor Kachnowski was named a DeLamar Fellow by the School Public Health. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Healthcare Management and Informatics Lab at Columbia University. He was recently selected as a member of the International Who's Who of Information Technologists. In 2003 he was elected as a Fellow in the Royal Society of Medicine in the United Kingdom for his research with the National Health Service in using handhelds to track patient data. Stan is currently a visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India.

Vincente Navarro

Vincente Navarro (VNavarro)

Has done basic science research for over 15 years in the area of prostate cancer. During this time he had the privilege of working on the development of monoclonal antibodies targeting prostate cancer from concept through clinical trials. This has afforded him a keen insight into development process of therapeutic drugs. In addition, a strong interest in computers has seen him pursue a graduate degree in computer science in addition to his undergraduate in Chemistry. As a result he designed and developed a clinical trials management system in his laboratory. He is currently the Online Database Manager for Scientists Without Borders. There, he is responsible for the administration of the database and development of the web portal. Vincente has also received a DaVinci Barnstar for his perseverance in restoring the website after the hacker attacks.

Chevalier, Florence Devouard

Florence Devouard (Anthere)

OurMed Board Member
Florence's Wikipedia Bio
Florence served as one of the elected representatives to Wikimedia's Board (WMF) that created Wikipedia, starting June 2004, and was the Chair of the WMF Board from October 21, 2006 until July 16th, 2008. Florence was born in Versailles (France). She grew up in Grenoble, and has been living since then in several French cities, as well as Antwerpen in Belgium and Tempe in Arizona. She holds two masters, one in Agricultural Sciences (a 5-year degree in agronomical engineering (Diplome d'Ingénieur Grande Ecole) from ENSAIA and the other a postgraduate degree (DEA) in Genetics and Biotechnologies from INPL.She has been working in public research, first in flower plant genetic improvement, and second in microbiology to study the feasability of polluted soil bioremediation. She was employed until 2005 in a French company, to conceive decision-making tools in sustainable agriculture. She is now a consultant in Internet Communication Strategy. She joined the Wikipedia adventure in February 2002 and is known as a contributor under the pseudonym "Anthere". Florence lives in Clermont Ferrand with her husband, and her three children. On May 16 2008, Florence was made a knight in the French National Order of Merit, proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as "chair of an international foundation"

Oleta Mc Henry

Oleta McHenry(OMchenry)

OurMed Board Member
was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Ohio. After graduating high school, she briefly attended Wright State University in Dayton, studying Political Science. She transferred to St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, FL and received her A.A. degree in Liberal Arts. Oleta earned her B.S. in Accounting from Florida Metropolitan University in Clearwater, FL in 2006.

Oleta worked for the Pulitzer prize winning newspaper, St. Petersburg Times as a circulation manager. After receiving her degree in accounting, she worked briefly in the insurance industry before joining the Wikimedia Foundation as the fulltime accountant of record. While at the Wikimedia Foundation, Oleta helped put in place accounting practices that would help the company in growth and development. She did not follow Wikimedia to San Francisco and now works for a large medical supply company managing the General Ledger for several regions within the United States. Oleta resides in St. Petersburg, FL and works as an accountant.

Alex Fotopoulos, Esq.

Alex Fotopoulos, Esq. (Alexfoto)

OurMed Board Member
has served on the board since October 2008. He attended Rutgers College in New Brunswick, NJ and then received his Juris Doctorate degree from Southwestern Univesity in Los Angeles, California in 1990. He has experience as a litigation attorney and as an entrepreneur. He has held held positions as an attorney and as part of the management team of such high technology companies including AT&T Wireless, T-mobile, Nextel, Metricom, GTE Internetworking as well as small local start-up ventures. He is a licensed Attorney in New York, New Jersey and California.

John Volpe

John Volpe (Johnvolpe)

John's background is primarily in accounting, finance and business operations, primarily in the financial services industry. While he does not consider himself a technical professional, he has participated in and managed numerous technical and business projects, primarily involving financial systems. Mr. Volpe also worked as a management consultant for a Virginia based company for which he did consulting work for the federal and state governments. He considers himself "retired". In addition to playing tennis and engaging in other physical activities, he volunteers his time as an Account Director with a NYC based organization that provides service grants in the form of a volunteer project team that manages strategy, financial, marketing and development projects for non-profits. He says his "interest in this project is really from the perspective of someone who is a consumer of medical information and is interested in the efficient delivery of medical information to the public".

Dr. Stephen Press

Dr. Stephen Press (Savealife)

OurMed's Executive Technical Director
Dr. Press's WikiChiro Bio
He is a practicing Chiropractic physician since 1978. Was chief physician for the "Unified Team" (former USSR) at the XVIth Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France in 1992. Founded the World Governing body for Sports Chiropractic "FICS", Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport, now headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland at the Maison Internationale du Sports, and administered in Toronto, at the World Federation of Chiropractic offices. Dr. Press served on the Medical commissions of two IOC recognized World Sports Governing bodies; 1st as Chairman for the Fed. Int'l de Roller Sports, and then as Vice-Chairman for FIDE (Chess). Founded the, and co-founded Today, he serves as Board member/advisor for the International Sports Chiropractic Association (ISCA), which is the liaison body interacting with the World Olympian's Association.

His interest in OurMed came from meeting Greg Miller at a Wikipedia meeting at Columbia University, and being inspired by the openness he communicated, which he perceived as genuinely reflective of both his, and the attitude of the Board. he says he simply felt he could better devote his time to more objective, and appreciably fairer venues where his Wiki skills might be better appreciated; OurMed.

Mr. Greg Miller

Greg Miller (Gmiller)

OurMed's Executive Director
Greg came to OurMed, drawing on his extensive background in corporate marketing/finance and volunteer management, he has enjoyed helping build OurMed using his experience developing non-profit communities as well as with putting new products in the market place.

After attending the University of Michigan to study International Business, he worked abroad for nine years for Bosch in Germany, Shearson Lehman Hutton in England, and EDS in Japan. Upon returning to the US in 1996, he's been in New York continuing work developing brands for large companies (All Nippon Airways, Cablevision and Revlon) through 2005.

Having been inspired by health care and art non-profits since 2003, he founded a non-profit art services organization that produces New York's annual Dance Parade. Looking to hone his skills on volunteer community building and non-profit work, he discovered a good fit with OurMed and has been Executive Director since January of 2009. Greg says "I am profoundly moved by OurMed's mission to create a global community of non-biased health care users because I think that it's a sorely needed resource, coupled with a viable mission."

Diane's photo goes here

Diane Joiner (D_Joiner)

Diane is a member of the OurMed Content Committee - She has have more than 25 years experience in print publishing. She began her career in publishing with Scientific American Magazine; and then transferred to Scientific American Medicine where she was a member of the production department. While at Scientific American Medicine she produced the 2,500 page, two volume, loose-leaf for internal medicine (Scientific American Medicine), as well as the 2,200 page two volume, loose-leaf for surgery (Scientific American Surgery: Practice and Principles). In 2000 she became a member of WebMD’s Professional Publishing Division. While at WebMD she continued to produce books, pamphlets, and on-line products.

Eileen's Photo goes here

Eileen McGinn, MPH (Eileen)

Eileen worked in international health and development for 25 years, including several years living in Africa and Asia. Currently PT Research Manager for Nathan Kline Institute, working on the interrelation of poverty and mental health and health equity for persons with disabilities. PT tutor for immigrant high school students at Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School. Volunteer work for many different agencies, including health, disability, immigrant, women's, peace, international. Have written for various websites on health issues. Especially interested in translating technical work into comprehensible language, community-based participatory research and the Capabilities Framework for development and justice.

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#? - Who will this person be? Have you qualified? If so, please leave a message at the Talk page of our Executive Director who will direct your nomination to the Founding Framer Qualifying Committee.

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