Founding Framer Qualifying Committee

This committee has been created to qualify nominations to be one of the first "Founding Framers".

The member committee will assess the criteria to be a Founding Framer, including: 100 hours of active participant Volunteer Service.

Upon approval, members of the committee will add the nominee to the Founding Framer page, and the office shall mail the honoree a certificate suitable for framing (as soon as they are printed).


Committee Members

1. Vanessa Moore, Chairman

2. Greg Miller

3. John Volpe

4. Stephen Press

5. Soo See Lee

Committee Actions


Members of committee

There shall be 5 members - (passed)

Votes required to pass resolution

Three votes are necessary to affirm a nomination. (passed)

Implied consent

In the event that a committee member fails to respond to an emailed motion, or vote on a resolution within 24 hours, then their vote shall be deemed to have been a "yea" vote. (passed 7/19/2010).

Implied Resignation of a committee member

Any committee member who fails to respond to three consecutive votes, for whatever reason, (un-excused absence) shall be deemed to have resigned. (passed 7/19/2010)

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