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Classic Waterfall Model:      Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Maintenance
Patients, Doctors, Caregivers, Researchers, Clinicians, Advocates, Wikipedians

Site Constituents for Requirements Development

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, Governments, NGOs

Requirement Development Questions

What online health information sites have you used over the past year?

What did you like?

What was missing?

What would the perfect online health information site look like?


Here is a link to a early draft of a home page:

Sample Wireframe Page

Picture Avatars can be used as for some of the major sections.  For Branding ideas click here 


Recommendations for features on the Home page
Prepared 3.7.2010 by Elise Passikoff (with additions by Greg Miller after 3.8.2010 Content Committee Meeting)

Top Navigation
Home | Wiki | Latest News | Tools | Blog | About


This could be anything from an article that you would like to feature, a request to vote to support a grant opportunity, a profile of a member of OurMed, Tool such as a diagnostic calculator, etc.

Latest Postings on Wiki  (or best rated??)
[This could be latest postings by date, by viewer, by rating, etc.]

[By specialty]
[By disease]
[By body system]
[By geography]

[other things to search are Doctors, Providers, Drugs, Medical devices, procedures]
Enter a keyword

Login Area

Not a member? Learn how to contribute >> [to the registration process]

Support OurMed >> [donate page]

Icons for
Facebook, Twitter, Email this

Donate to Our Med
How to contribute to OurMed (do we need this or on donate page??)
How to give to OurMed  (do we need this or on donate page??) 

Why Donate Sentence (OurMed is driven by individuals supported unbiased healthcare knowledge and just like Wikipedia, we need your support)

Featured Supporter (endorsement logos)

A box that scrolls flash (as in's)

This would be a list of diagnostic calculators or other of add-ons of use the medical community, and could include a Twitter Feed or Share application. (example Symptom Checker; very dynamic tool and possibly uniquely on homepage)

Latest News
[This could be listings from other sites like wikipedia or spidering open source content from sites that we have an agreement with.]

[not sure if this is a blog maintained by OurMed community, or a list of blogs that would interest the community]

[Short mission statement, profile or a community member, etc.; Intro to OurMed video could go here as well]

Bottom Footer navigation
Copyright | Terms and Conditions | Privacy | Contact Us

Comparisons with other sites:

Red Cross
There is a different approach to dividing the feature areas on this site.
– This site has two navigations, that is, it divides the content in business oriented info: About Us, Contact Us, governance, Media Resources, Connect versus an “action” submenu: Preparing and Getting Trained, Getting Assistance, giving and Getting Involved, Workwith with the Red Cross, Your Local Red Cross
– Video section is permanent on the home page
– Request for people to sign up for email newsletter
– Connect - separate section for Flickr, twitter, and blog, etc.
Recommendation: Should consider a Media area to display Wiki content that is video or podcast.

Doctors Without Borders
- About Us
- Field news
- Work with MSF
- Donate
- Public Events
- Publications
- Press Room
Recommendation: OurMed could consider a separate navigation area for Events.

The difference in approach on this site is that it focuses on the latest content on the home page, and redirects the user to NPR Community.

Recommendation: The Most Popular articles/stories is a tabbed format that displays: Most Views, Recommended, and Commented. Our Med might want something like this in the Lastest Posting area.

Features: Spotlight, News/Campaigns, How You Can Help, Subscribe to Newsletter, Find Oxfam (tool), Blogs, Latest Video
Recommendation: Our Med could consider adding Video feature and sign up for Newsletter on the home page.

World Health Organization
Highlights/Spotlight, Donation, Key People at WHO, Crises and Emergences, Editors Choice, Podcast, Events, Media Center. Also, on the footer, RSS feeds

Recommendation: Our Med could consider a Media Center as feature, which could display video, podcasts, press info, etc. At a later date, RSS feeds could be provided by disease, or content category.

United Nations (in English)
News, Events, Your United Nations, Main Bodies, The UN and…, In Focus, Global Issues, Resources and Services, Recent Additions
Recommendation: Not sure that there is anything here that would enhance OurMed, except for Events.

OUR MED SITE MAP  Prepared by EP 3.11.2010

Home Page (with features to be finalized)


  • Mission
  • Donate – upsell and form
  • OurMed Financials
  • Who We Are
  • Profiles of users?
  • List of doners
  • Founding Framers
  • Contact Us
  • Volunteer/Participate

Community Resources

  • Main Page – Latest posted listings, Most Viewed, Top Rated
  • Separate pages by Categories: Physicians, Hospitals, Drugs, Conditions (please confirm categories)
  • By Content Type: Text/Articles, Video, Podcasts (could be tabbed on each page) - please confirm content types

Latest News

  • Main Page – List of latest posting from most recent to least recent with pagination
  • Latest News template page – how would the article/content display


  • Diagnostic calculator
  • Tool #2

Could someone please explain what you expect here? Blog could also be under tools.

Root of Site

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy

Login Process
User Privileges and steps to Join Our Med to contribute to the community

Search Results by tabs
Categories: for tabbed results: should be the same at the categores within the Community Resources section: Physicians, Hosptials, Drugs, Conditions


  • Copyright
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Contact Us

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