Credit Card

Credit Card Policy

General principles

OursMedicina credit cards are issued to individuals, and are not to be given or loaned to others, regardless of the circumstances.
If cards are lost or stolen, the cardholder must advise the credit card company, and the Oursmedicina office staff, immediately.
Cardholders must agree to the terms and conditions outlined on the application forms and in the guidelines and procedures of this policy. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in cancellation of the card.

Any breach of these terms and conditions will be considered as a breach of the Code of Conduct and will be dealt with accordingly. Such breaches could be grounds for disciplinary measures that can lead, for example, to an employee’s dismissal.

This card, issued to the employee, is the card used by employees required to travel for Foundation purposes or to incur expenses on behalf of the Foundation.
It is the individual's responsibility to ensure that this card’s usage and management complies with the OursMedicina travel policy.

Responsibilities of cardholder

The cardholder is responsible for the safekeeping of the card, and will be held accountable:
1.    To ensure that the card is used only for legitimate Foundation purposes;
2.    To ensure that the card is NOT used for items prohibited to on the application form;
3.    To maintain on file for audit purposes, copies of all invoices, purchase documents and correspondence, and to provide the Foundation with copies of such documents on request;
4.    To advise the Foundation of any incorrect charges/transactions in order to follow-up and obtain credit from the issuing institution if warranted.

Cancellation and renewal of cards
Should an individual leave their position or role with the Foundation, he or she must immediately return the card to the Foundation’s finance department, which will cancel it.
Cards may be cancelled at any time by the Foundation if any of the policies, procedures and guidelines are not followed, and/or if there is not compliance to any of the terms and conditions outlined on the application form and in this policy.


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