College of Emergency Medicine

The College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) is an organization of emergency physicians in the United Kingdom which sets standards of training and administers examinations for emergency physicians in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Entrance criteria

The College sets two examinations, the Fellowship of the College of Emergency Medicine (FCEM), and the Membership of the College of Emergency Medicine (MCEM). Trainees who pass the MCEM are eligible to join a specialist registrar training program in emergency medicine. Doctors who complete this training program may sit the FCEM examination and may be recommended by the College for CCT in Emergency Medicine. The College holds annual scientific meetings for members. The current president of the College is John Heyworth.


The Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine was inaugurated on 2nd November 1993, and conducted the first FFAEM examination in October 1996. In late 2005, FAEM reached agreement with the British Association for Emergency Medicine (BAEM) for the two organizations to merge to form a new College of Emergency Medicine. The Faculty was renamed the College of Emergency Medicine as of 1 January 2006 and it merged with BAEM in February 2008. The headquarters of the new organisation moved to Churchill House in London on 29 August 2006, the former headquarters of the BAEM.

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