Categorizing Existing Articles

0.- [[Category: Health A-Z]] NOTE: This is going to be done by Arbab by a Bot.
1.-[[Category:Diseases and Conditions]] NOTE: Always goes with [[Category: Health A-Z]]
2.- § [[Category:Wellness]]
3.- § [[Category:Treatments and Procedures]]
4.- § [[Category:Drugs]] NOTE: All Drug articles already have the category added, so you have none of these to do.
5.- § [[Category:First Aid]]
6.- § [[Category:Healthcare Issues and Policy]]
7.- § [[Category:Clinical Research and Trials]]
8.- [[Category:International Health]]
9.- [[Category:Environmental Health]] Always goes with 21.- [[Category:All Specialties]]
10.- [[Category:Veterinary Medicine]] Always goes with 21.- [[Category:All Specialties]]
11.- [[Category:Internal Documents]]
12.- [[Category:Admin Documents]]
13.- [[Category:Committee Documents]] NOTE: Most of these are already done.
14.- [[Category:Utilities]]
16.- [[Category:Organization Structure]]
17.- [[Category:Misc]]
18.- § [[Category:Organizations and Journals]]
19.- [[Category: Diagnostic Tests and Lab Findings]] Always goes with 21.- [[Category:Treatments and Procedures]]
20.- [[Category: Basic Science]]
21.- § [[Category:Specialties]]
22.- [[Category:Dentistry]] Always goes with 21.- [[Category:All Specialties]]<br>

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