B-cell lymphoma

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Template:Infobox Disease The B-cell lymphomas are types of lymphoma affecting B cells. Lymphomas are "blood cancers" in the lymph glands. They develop more frequently in older adults and in immunocompromised individuals (such as those with AIDS).

B-cell lymphomas include both Hodgkin's lymphomas and most non-Hodgkins lymphomas. They are often divided into indolent (slow-growing) lymphomas and aggressive lymphomas. Indolent lymphomas respond rapidly to treatment and are kept under control (in remission) with long-term survival of many years, but are not cured. Aggressive lymphomas usually require intensive treatments, but have good prospects for a permanent cure.[1]

Prognosis and treatment depends on the specific type of lymphoma as well as the stage and grade. Treatment includes radiation and chemotherapy. Early-stage indolent B-cell lymphomas can often be treated with radiation alone, with long-term non-reoccurrence. Early-stage aggressive disease is treated with chemotherapy and often radiation, with a 70-90% cure rate.[1] Late-stage indolent lymphomas are sometimes left untreated and monitored until they progress. Late-stage aggressive disease is treated with chemotherapy, with cure rates of over 70%.[1]



File:Hodgkin lymphoma cytology large.jpg
Micrograph showing Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of B cell lymphoma that is usually considered separate from other B cell lymphomas. Field stain.

There are fourteen kinds of lymphomas involving B cells.


Five account for nearly three out of four patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma:[2]


The remaining nine are much less common:[2]


Additionally, some researchers separate out lymphomas that appear result from other immune system disorders, such as AIDS-related lymphoma.

Classic Hodgkin's lymphoma and nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin's lymphoma are now considered forms of B-cell lymphoma.[4]

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