April 8, 2010 Tech Meeting

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Meeting commenced at 10:10am and was attended by Vincent Navarro, Arbab Hassan, Elise Passikoff, Greg Miller

Confirmation of Minutes

Meeting Attendees: Please confirm ASAP all minutes on "discussion page", by signing with 4 ~'s.

Old Business

Action Items from 4.8.2010 meeting

Blueliner: ????

New Business

Site Map

(Please post for review)

General fixes on pages:

  • All pages need to have the correct title, per the site map and navigation items. All modules should be consistently names.
  • All menu items should adhere to the final site map, approved last week so that mistakes are not replicated.
  • All listings from wiki, blog, or forum, news, and events should have dates.
  • All pages that we did not discuss need to have the correct titles so that we know what pages we are looking at.

Need to see a version of a highlighted menu item.

"Home" page

(Per discussion and design sketch handed over to Arbab)

  • Decided on 2-column design for home page;
  • Blue should be grayer (not so bright),
  • Title tags on page should be displayed with black lettering
  • "More" buttons should be in the same location for each module (not top sometimes, and bottom the others) Please try bottom.
  • Spotlight should feature wiki content, blogs and news. Slider need to accommodate more than 3 items at the top.
  • Tools like facebook, twitter, should be moved to header area, and needs to be incorporated with language options in the design.

Tool module on page should be more of an image, see all tools, contribute more tools


(Per discussion and design sketch handed over to Arbab)
Decided on 3-column approach on information pages.
List of Categories in a grid pattern across the bottom of the page.
Right navigation, should have: Donate Ad, Volunteer Ad, Subscribe to Email, Profile of Community member.


(Per discussion and design sketch handed over to Arbab)

  • Right Column – Categories on this page and the Forums and Wiki pages should be more designed so that it stands out from the other elements in the column. We discussed possibly having expanding menus, like nyas.org Topics box. We also discussed a submenu approach to the categories below the main navigation. We would like to see 2 options.
  • Page needs the correct title
  • Styling of listings should be more like Huffington Post – no stylized dates
  • Remove Share/Save element on listing page, keep on detail page.
  • Right Column: Remove Recent comments
  • Right Column – Language for "Subscribe" – Get blog updates, or "Watch this Blog"
  • Right Column – Language for RSS – Subscribe to Our Med Blog RSS
  • Right Column – Keep tags
  • Right Column – Make the Archives show 12 months, and the past years – should be more designed than text looking.

Many of the changes to this page can applied on the main Wiki page as well as the Forums page, although we were unable to get to those pages.

Our Med

  • Need to check legal issues with posting profiles of members of OurMed. May have to go back to members to ask for permission, or let the community know of changes of terms and conditions currently on site.
  • Need "mission" text for each of the sections: About, Community Resources, Blog, Forums, Tools.
  • Discussion of condensing the Content categories from 10 to fewer so that we can make the navigation and usability on the site more appealing and manageable to the user.


Community needs to start looking for tools to post on the site.

Summary of Prior Mtg.'s Minutes

Last Tech Meeting (4/1/2010)

  • User privileges
  • Top Nav will be: home / community resources / blogs / forums / tools / about
  • Fluid Design: Blueliner attempt a design
  • Elise: "Browse by Content needs to be designed--It all looks like text to me."

Agenda for 4/8/2010 Meeting Minutes

  • Go over the homepage wireframes
  • Go over some of the inner pages wireframes
  • Review the sitemap that I am currently creating
  • Review the revised timelines for the project based on the conversation Marshall and I (??) had with Greg last week.
  • Discuss having a liquid design for the site
  • Discuss phase 2 client deliverables

???The first two agenda points were thoroughly covered in the meeting.???


  • Greg: "Donate ad should be more compelling: OurMed is a non-profit community that relies on your support (Button "Donate Now")"
  • Room for sponsors at bottom.
  • News: users can contribute news articles
  • Upcoming Events: (Joomla function has a nice event interface that works like Facebook )
  • Elise: "Please suggest other titling designs instead of Green labels." Arbab: rejected request
  • Tools: Joomla has plug-in (BMI, Symptom/Disease Matcher). Elise: wCeird to have tools; WebMD has a lot of tools.
  • Content Committee needs to be tasked with a list of best/most appropriate tools for the site
  • Team: We want blue not green as homepage color box
  • Logo: white cross over blue circle as icon; Globe slowly spinning next to OurMed.
  • 2 Column Design chosen:
  • Elise did a wireframe of all homeframe features
  • Upper right hand corner: (Donate ad box / Mission box) - gave to Arbab to copy

Inner Page:


  • About section: Elise wanted BM to follow site-map on googledocs because the menu choices are different.
  • Arbab "What elements go on about page"
  • Elise wants to ask for permission to use profile. Legal issue for Alex Fotopolous (OurMed Board member/Attorney)
  • Greg's concern about using Joomla on About page.
  • Arbab explored Joomla plugin; authentication is seemless/possible
  • Video at bottom "how to use the site"
  • OurMed Projects - list "Tools Competition", "Quality of Care Campaign", etc
  • Elise suggested that we use the Content Categories at the bottom of every page
  • BM icons with categories at bottom of page.
  • Greg suggested weare.us flash technology--not the same but some kind of scroll technology.
  • Markup by Elise given to Arbab
  • Community Resources page to be highlighted, breadcrumbs needed and titled
  • Instead of "Categories" label, it should be "Browse by"
  • Markup by Elise given to Arbab


  • Blogs will be Joomla Driven
  • The plugin image on the blog will move to the detail page.
  • Title of categories should be "Blog Categories"
  • Above the title we should have "We blog to maintain the democracy of Healthcare Information"
  • Remove Latest Blogs
  • Elise: archives have value but having; whatever is done should be visually interesting
  • Markups written up by Elise and given to Arbab


"Community Resources"

  • We didn't get a chance to review beyond this innerpage

Post Meeting Comments

(Arbab and Greg)
Arbab told Greg that Milestone 1 was complete. Greg would like to complete Milestone 1 but did not feel like OurMed has received nor has approved final design. Greg suggested to Arbab that he document what has been worked on in detail.
We ran out of time but the navigation was rediscussed.

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