April 1 , 2010 Tech Meeting

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Hi great meeting today everyone, very productive! 

Below are the minutes from the meeting.  Please review, add/edit any adjustments and IMPORTANTLY confirm them below:

Greg: Confirmed 22:23, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

Stephen: Confirmed Savealife 01:34, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

Vincent: Confirmed w/edits Vnavarro 20:54, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

Elise: confirmed notes, and fixed typos 4.2.2010 at 1:16


Arbab: confirmed notes, further discussion needs to take place about the fluid design. Will discuss in April 15 meeting.  

Marshall: (post meeting)

Summary of Minutes:

User Privledges: http://ourmed.org/index.php?title=Proposed_User_privileges

Top Nav will be:  home / wiki / blogs / forums / tools / about

Fluid Design: Blueliner attempt a design

Tech Meeting Minutes 4/1/10

Arbab Hassan, John Volpe, Stephen Press, Elise Passikoff, Greg Miller and Vincent Navarro in attendence.

Meeting commenced at 10:20am.

Below Agenda was distributed:

1. Review completed project plan. From Arbab "I have finished the project plan, which has all the milestones, deliverables for each milestone, timeline for each task anch phae hours for each resource hours for each phase of the project (discovery, design, devel opment, testing and deployment).

2. Review sitemap worked on by Elise and Vincen for the users 't, specifically homepage elements and their placements.

3. Review the remaining client deliverables - still ne. Action ed user types, user roles and registration questions that need to be asked for each user.

4. Review the 3 column design we created "My Home" page. Want to discuss fluid vs. non-fluid site and BM's reluctance to build a fluid site.  Also discuss the 2nd hoomepage design confor necept.

5. Action points for next meeting. Also set time and place.

Vincent: highlighted the Design Concept
lybba.org is an example of a dynamic homepage and backpages depending on the profile of a user.

If someone has Chrone's Disease, then they will get all the tools and menu features, specific to their needs.

Arbab: Blogs and Formums should be in top navigation. One for an OurMed blog.

John: Question regarding quality of blog.

Vincent/Elise: we have a large enough community for people to willing to create personal blogs that can be of good quality.

Greg/Arbab--clarified difference between Forums and Blogs.

Greg: In terms of quanity of information, forums will be far more in depth. Inner pages will have healthcare professional generated wiki articles with forums linked to that content

Vincent: All of these will have hash tags? Arbab: Yes

Elise: Donate is up for discussion whether it is in navigation? or subset of about section.

Greg: Illustrated how Wikipedia has campaigns.

Stephen: In wikipedia, you can put a template on their talk page with "you have mail" messages which is the technology that helped drive their community.

Arbab: in the project plan, we have "user alerts"

Greg: questioned if that would be joomla or wiki because wiki communities generally run on their own.

Elise: more control with joomla

Elise: for Top nav, so far we've agreed to have "Home / Wiki/ Blog / Forum". Regarding "home", there have been a lot of study about having a "home" specifically listed. Elise really recommends we have a specific "home" option in the top nav.

Vincent: considBread crumbs. You can see path you took. Finds it useful.

Arbab: with such a dynamic site, he doesn't think it will work.

Elise: could we use it in the Wiki section? thinks it would really well there

Arbab: yes, URL can be as long as you want.

Greg: requested tech team to get familiar with MediaWiki software because there could be some limitations or features that are not considered.

Elise: Donate on top nav?

Greg: If there could be some research done as to what other healthcare non-profits do for "donate" that will determine what we should do.

Arbab: About section.

Team: yes, there should be an about

Elise: To recap, "Home//Wiki/Blogs/Forums/About" is decided. the three that Donate, Latest News and Toolbox (Diagnostic tools) have yet to be there.

Arbab: Latest News could be RSS feeds.

John: New England Journal of Medicine publishes that there is a new finding.

Arbab: Legally you can source the content and paraphrase.

John: Questions administrative support which is limited to do that.

Arbab: you can subscribe to as many RSS feeds as you need but the Content Committee decides what goes up.

Elise: you have to have agreements (and relationships) with behind that.

Arbab: Huffington Post, for example, is a news agregator. They will publish heading as a link to actual article. Heading/Tags/1 or 2 paragraphs which is required to be original. Heading might also be required to be original.

Elise: That's could be a good use of the site to use RSS feeds and Community.

Arbab: let's not have announcements on home page; various other places are available (users talk page, etc).

Stephen: Indiivudals going out on to the web and getting "suggested news articles" from Content Committee.

Elise: concerned about putting "a latest news" button on the top nav because then we are obliged to fill that content. Alternatively it's could be useful within the content articles.

Stephen: we all agree on that. process should be people who are editing,

Elise: Tools should also be in the top nav. Summary: home/wiki/blogs/forums/tools/about

Arbab: rollover effect with a bubble.

Elise: always have a donate message but not in top nav.

Greg: events could be under "about section"; team disagreed.

Elise: we dont have events worthy of the home page (so far just meetings). will the events and news areas be Joomla or WikiMedian driven?

Arbab: was thinking Joomla driven.

Elise: someone needs to monitor all pages; content committee could use the new CMS to review news and events items.

Greg: concern about having content committee required to be responsible for both CMS.

Elise: About: "learn more about the community" in a kind of an upsell. Contributor profile.

Arbab: EMS "Email Managment System" is in the RFP allowing us to capture contact information to market / solicit donations or share news. (newsletter also handled). We can integrate with Constant Contact but we recommend something more robust like __________________.

Arbab: will take the Site Map and wo developing it.

Elise: my question is that because we saw a design that covered a lot of the features. The sitemap now has alot of things on it and Stan was concerned about having too much on one page, not enough white space.

Arbab: a 3 column design will be not done by BM but it will not be fluid. An image or YouTube video can have algorhythm but someone will have to adminstrate.

Vincent: Stan is adamant about a fluid design.

John: Wait a minute, he's not here.

Elise: Because we are inviting the world, a large scientific community. If you ask them to all post, it will look like a mess. If you are making a site to look robust, a fluid design may not accommodate the titles and images that are uploaded in a pleasing way.

Vincent: This is not necessarily the case. Elements that need to have a set width can be created with a static width. For users with larger screens, the additional white space can be used for other elements.

Arbab: I dont like the fluid design either but it's a big issue with (Vincent or Arbab?)

Arbab:There is a lot of maintenance required for a fluid design.

John: Is it in the contract?

Arbab/Vincent: No

Vincent: I would like look and feel to remain the same.

Greg: If we were genouses and had all

Stephen: can we defer until we have the staff and money to maintain.

Vincent: Stan had two points and one of them was the fluid design--Although Vincent doesn't care for fluid design, he feels compelled to explore it. Vincent illustrated how Amazon

Elise: We havent explored a totally different design so let's explore a fluid design and show Stan how it would work with our content.

Arbab: Ok.

Arbab: What we can do is two different screen resolutions.

Elise: On the homepage box, Community Resources would show most recent articles. Categories can be displayed so that we can get the breadth of the content. And a sampling on the main page.

Arbab: I have the confirmed list of the categories but not a final on the user types.

Stephen: http://ourmed.org/index.php?title=Proposed_User_privileges

Team: searched wiki for matrix for user types. Florence/Stan has not responded to Greg's email to confirm.

Elise: When Stephen finds user list, can you redistribute to OurMed team?

Arbab: Homepage video. Havent talked about it yet.

Elise: We have a YouTube video now. It feels like now, probably the content in this area won't change much.

Arbab: users can embed code and then upload.

Greg/John: it should be decent. (Elise: otherwise it could be Paris Hilton's video).

Arbab: we can do an approval process.

Elise: I love the idea that there can be more media--It will help young users get into the site.

Arbab: Not sure but thinks YouTube can have a cover page; It might be good to have a YouTube Channel feed.

Vincent: One thing Content can think about is to have site users surveys

Arbab: As a part of the project, we are required to develop a "Fun Page"

Arbab: Demo'd My account page

Vincent: 90% of users won't be contributing articles; what happens to part about "article/blog/media/manage" section?

Arbab: it will be blank.

Arbab: Explained workine g of the My Account.

Elise/Arbab: discussion of dates on milestones.

Arbab: has talked to Marshall about timing and he can be flexible but we need to discuss what is Milestone.

Stepehn: Gave explanation about user privleges: http://ourmed.org/index.php?title=Proposed_User_privileges

Arbab: wanted to know what is a Healthcare Professional, etc.

Greg: His impression was all healthcare pros would be a sysop.

Elise: definitions would have to be more defined. User1, User2, User3, User4

Stephen: Everyone comes in as a user1

Arbab: then once verfied they can become a user2

Stephen: see notes at bottom of page: http://ourmed.org/index.php?title=Proposed_User_privileges

Arbab: Logo confirmation to be with straight OurMed "M" and blue circle with white cross.

Elise: I do want BM to use titles of real articles for the designs.

Arbab: Have you ever seen Nissan ads. "shift"

Greg: What about using a tw mrning globe instead of the white cross over the blue circle?

Team: liked it but let's go with soemthing for now.

Greg: Stan was fine with the blue circle white cross. we need a tagline that can be edited.

Greg (post meeting): We need to have eventually various versions of the logo for letterhead, newsletter, etc in native layered psd files.

Elise: Will give example of taglines. What else do we need for you for next week.

Arbab: I think that's it--wever. enough to get to work.

Arbab: On top nav, do we want to the roll down menus?

Elise: I'm the only one that wants it.

Elise: Has a new job with Micheal J Fox Foundation.

Arbab: 10am Thursday in person meeting at Columbia.

Greg: to confirm by Friday end of business if he can get a projector, otherwise will use a go-to meeting conference call.

The meeting concluded at 12:30pm

Post meeting conversation with Greg Miller and Blueliner's Marshall Swatt and Arbab Hassan:

Greg recapped the bidding process and how we chose Blueliner as the chosen vendor despite the bid being twice as much as 4 offshore competitors.  Integrity, speaking openly with candor is very important to the way we execute our mission.

Marhsall assessed that BM was probably about 60% complete of phase 1.

Greg: did not confirm or deny the 60% because he was not familiar with the contract specifics.

Marshall acknowledged the delay that the logo caused as well as recognizing a few more weeks were necessary to finish the first Milestone.  None-the-less, Marshall asked if it were possible to request a partial invoice.

Greg: Expressed how much of an issue the "payment after deliverables" element was to the Board which was the primary reason why the contract creation process got dragged out so long.  

Greg: Expressed concern that the materials that we received from the first Milestone were so far minimal (just static images) without a lot of thought into making this a world class site.  He wondered if this is because BM didn't have the finanical resources to complete the first milestone and requested a Balance Sheet.

We had hoped that BM would ride on our tails by being the chosen vendor and get a lot of business out of us.

Post meeting concluded and Greg had lunch with Arbab.

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