OurMed is an organization that is completely open! Our mission is to optimize the provision of healthcare information for the betterment of all health and wellness participants, including hospitals and healthcare facilities, physicians from all disciplines of both Eastern and Western medicines. We are committed to providing a free license to accurate, non-commercial healthcare information to patients around the world.


OurMed will improve healthcare around the world with accessible and clean information in an age when government, non profit, and private healthcare systems face serious financial strain. Patients, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, other clinicians, and caregivers must have accurate, timely and relevant information about products, services, and even information itself. OurMed.org volunteers are committed to improving the quality of the global healthcare system through sharing their learned expertise and their personal experiences.

Make healthcare more equitable by removing the barriers of access to crucial information about treatments, providers, and services.

Provide free and non-commercial, personally-relevant healthcare information.

Map a layer of user preferences and experiences onto the data grounded in not only scientific information but also web communities and individual experiences.

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