3-5-10 Community Call Minutes

Callers today: (not all were identifiied)

Content committee represented by:

Dr. Bob Jones, Sou Cee Lee, Eileen McGinn, Stephen Press, Richard Knipel, John Volpe

Tech committee represented by:

Vincent Navarro, Elise Passikoff

The meeting started at 2pm.

Vincent Navarro gave a summary of the kickoff meeting for the tech committee with Blueliner yesterday.  Blueliner told us that their team has assessed that they ONLY want to create the new site using MediaWiki (and not the non-article pages with Joomla)

John volpe: question on timeline. If they did their estimate on doing the CMS then will they drop the price?

Elise Passikoff – timeline hasn’t changed.

John – originally was 6 months; outside target was on 46 weeks which may have been based on Joomla.

Elise – it’s not really any less complex;

Greg - What we're after is that they can do the RFP and not so much how they do it.  One important thing is that they shouldn't create too much of a customizable CMS that future developers will have difficulty using.  This was the main reason why we used the CMS.

As Blueliner will create a logo by next Thursday, a lot of discussion was on Site Attributes related to Branding.

The forum grouped the attributes together.

-honesty, integrity, trust, non-commercial 

-openness, transparency

-global, universal

-for the greater good, non-profit

-collaborative, wiki, open-source, free license

-respected, an authority

-comprehensive, encyclopedic

-fresh, clean, easy-to use, web 2.0

Some of the sites that we want to benchmark against are:


-Docs without Borders



-World Health Organization

-United Nations

Please add to this list so that we can get all this back to Blueliner by Sunday evening.

Stephen's Content Committee meeting will be this Monday at 2pm and will further discuss and strategize for user groups and permissions as well as categories.

ACTION POINT - Elise Passikoff will be working on the mockup for the homepage with all of these ideas and Greg will distribute to the community by Monday evening. This is the draft so far: http://www.ourmed.org/images/7/7a/MainPage_WireFrame.pdf

Greg told the group how OurMed was invited to speak to the Bio-Tech students. 

Richard Knipel invited OurMed to be apart of Free Culture NYC and the forum agreed that OurMed membership would be a good idea.

Stephen and Vincent stayed on past the 30minutes to better understand how to upload pdfs to the site.  We will upload Elise's pdf file to the "Design Process" Article

ACTION POINT - Greg will distribute the mainpagewireframe.pdf by email.

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