3-4-10 Tech Committee Kickoff Minutes

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Please Note if you have approved of these minutes:

Greg - Yes

Arbab -

Marshall -

Stan -

Stephen - Yes - Savealife 20:24, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

Vincent - Yes

Elise -

Location: OurMed Office at 3960 Broadway, first and third floor conference rooms 


Blueliner Marketing: Arbab Hasan (Web Project Manager) and Marshall Swatt (Chief Operating Officer)

OurMed: Vincent Navarro (OurMed Chief Technology Officer / Chair of Technical Committee), Stan Kachnowski (OurMed Board Chair), Greg Miller (OurMed Executive Director), Elise Passikoff (OurMed Tech Committee), Dr. Stephen Press (OurMed Content Committee Chair)

The meeting commenced at 9am.

Arbab presented the agenda and plan for Phase 1 completion.  There are 5 Phases or Milestones in the project:

(1) Milestone 1: (Blueliner to be paid 25% of total price) Development/Presentation of Round 1 website design comps or variations which shall exhibit the style/brand of Ourmed on the home page, the proposed navigation of the site and the user interface as well as the look and feel for at least 10-15 templates (which will include the provision at least 3 variations or static comps, likely in Photoshop/PDF file format) + a Project Plan with detailed Scope of Work (ETA: 3-4 wks)

(2) Milestone 2 (Blueliner to be paid 15% of total price): Client Acceptance of a working website design (User Interface) and at least 10-15 working templates (defined as dynamic, html comps or pages) (ETA: 7-10 wks)
o Includes fully designed home page, all Items in Section 1.4
o Includes design of Items 1.5.1, 1.6.1, 1.7.1, 1.8.1 and 1.12.1

(3) Milestone 3 (Blueliner to be paid 30% of total price): Completion and Client Acceptance of Client Administrative Backend Platform, all website forms and registration processes and the integration of existing Ourmed website data on the beta site currently operating (Includes completion of Items 1.3.1-1.3.7, all database-driven html pages using open source software so that no licensing of any database management, data management algorithms or other licensing issues regarding the operation of the databases on the website shall be required of Ourmed) (ETA: 11-14 wks)
o Includes completion of Items 1.2.1 – 1.2.4

(4) Milestone 4: (Blueliner to be paid 20% of total price) Completion of website on development server and passing of Client Acceptance Testing of all aspects, processes and pages of the website (ETA: 16-18 wks)
o Includes completion of all remaining Items not heretofore mentioned in previous deliverables and those for which only design was previously completed.
o Includes provision of training and final project documentation (see note on Project Documentation below in Item 3.)

(5) Milestone 5 (Final 10% of total price): Successful completion of all testing and optimization of all site pages on the top three web browser software programs which shall span at least 60 days prior to payment of this milestone to ensure that the website is fully operational and optimized.

Arbab explained that Phase 1 will take 3 weeks and will include as deliverables 2 designs and 2 rounds of revisions.

Arbab explained that all OurMed users will have access to Zoho for project managment and GoogleDocs.

ACTION POINT: Arbab to set up Zoho, Googledocs and a Blueliner email list serve for all core members of the tech team.

After an introduction of the elements that Blueliner needs for design purposes, Greg raised the question if the functional spec was necessary to first understand before doing the design so as to better understand the platform capability--specifically, the CMS solution that we had discussed was going to be a Joomla/MediaWiki platform with an authentification plugin. 

Arbab told the attendees that after consultations by a MediaWiki expert that it would be better to program the site soley with MediaWiki.  A lengthy conversation followed because, according to Greg and Vincent, OurMed does not want to end up with a highly customizable website that can't be used by volunteer programmers down the road.

Elise commented that it's probably not good to have two completely seperate admins.

Arbab pledged to revisit the Joomla vs MediaWiki vs both architecture and asked Vincent to determine what add-ons (plug-ins or extensions) are necessary by OurMed. 

ACTION POINT: Vincent to determine OurMed's need for Add-ons (plug-ins and extensions) 

Arbab asked OurMed for documentation of everything (code and extensions).  Vincent replied that there is very little if at all. Arbab asked for a backup of all code.

ACTION POINT: Arbab / Vincent- Arbab to supply Vincent with a FTP site to transfer backup of all files. Vincent to copy those files to the BM ftp site.

ACTION POINT: Stan - transfer any documentation to Vincent & Arbab.

ACTION POINT: Vincent - Reimage SQL dump by next Thurs 3/11 or Fri 3/12; Aim to redo upgrade on go-daddy with migration process.

As a certain degree of customization seemed to be necessary, Greg pointed out the OurMed/Blueliner agreed upon area of the contract that required a relatively high detail of documentation.

Stan clarified that we want to see the inline code/documentation day to day is different than the work compiled in an offline project management system like Zoho.

Vincent iterated that the ultimate goal is to generate an API so that future code can be worked on.

A discussion  about the design process took place with Stan outlining the classic Water-Fall Model: http://ourmed.org/index.php/Designprocess  versus a less collaborative and more streamlined approach (what's the name of this??) ; Stan said that now we've got good memberships with the committees, that he will be able to circulate some of the research that he did on health sites on the internet.

ACTION POINT: Stan - Distribute research findings to tech/content committees.

Arbab, refocussed the group on the agenda with a request to clarfiy the process of OurMed account registration. 

For example, new acct => pending => pre-approved.   

Elise suggested that we identify what roles we want for folks that adjust content. Example: Create, Edit, Review & Post.  For verification of doctors, for example, that would be a unique process.

Arbab referenced the Blueliner response to our RFP by examplaining that they envisioned three groups: Healthcare professionals (doctors, allied health professionals, alternative medical professionals), general users (patients) and special users (definied in RFP as Phds).

Elise iterated that it's improtant to have an approval process for the user which may be different than an approval process for the content.

ACTION POINT:  Stephen / Elise - identify various roles and content combinations.

Stephen pointed out that currently, the plan of the Content Committee was to classify articles by Body System and by Medical Profession.

ACTION POINT: Elise - make a chart of users & roles by Friday 3/5 Community Conference Call uploaded to OurMed.

ACTION POINT: Arbab - Starting next week (Mon 3/8) deliver to OM a detailed task list of the discovery stage due in 3 weeks.

Arbab asked for OM to designate a person who will be the point contact person for deliverables. The group agreed that Greg is the best person.

As for sign-off authority, Stan suggested Vincent, as Chief Technology Officer, would be the person to have ultimate sign-off authority.

The group agreed to have a weekly conference call at Thursday 10am to track and report progress.  Call in number can always be the same as the normal OurMed number: (712) 775-7000 with passcode 634011;

For face-to-face meetings, Stan recalled that the contract called for 4 face-to-face mtgs

The group tentatively agreed to meet the Fourth Thursday of the month at 10am at 3960 Broadway.

Arbab clarified that OurMed would not have access to the staging servers.

The Content Committee meets every other Monday but may have to convene more often to settle some early category questions.


Greg recommended that we always refer to the site/organization as: OurMed  (with Big O and 4th letter Big M) because it is intuitive and we have the domain.  The logo could be constructed with simply using variations of the name.

The group threw out some branding elements that they would like to incorporate in the site.

-honesty, integrity, trust, non-commercial 

-openness, transparency

-global, universal

-for the greater good, non-profit 

-collaborative, wiki, open-source, free license

-respected, an authority

-comprehensive, encyclopedic 

-fresh, clean, easy-to use, web 2.0

To benchmark other sites, Stan suggested we take a look at:

- Redcross

-Docs without Borders



-World Health Organization

-United Nations

We should expect the first draft of the logos from Blueliner by next Thursday (3/11/10)

Deliverables from meeting - posted by EP 3.7.10


1. access to FTP

2. set up area to post documents (Zoho)

3. first stab at logo design

4. access to Protoshare for wireframing


1. Vincent to give data backup and any documentation available for existing site.

2. Summary and enhancement to logo branding ideas to be sent or posted on the document sharing area for Blueliner.

3. User roles and approval process, User Roles and content approval process.

4. Feature list for home page.

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