3-4-10 Tech Committee Kickoff

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Location: OurMed Office at 3960 Broadway, first and third floor conference rooms


Blueliner Marketing: Arbab Hasan (Web Project Manager) and Marshall Swatt (Chief Operating Officer)

OurMed: Vincent Navarro (OurMed Chief Technology Officer / Chair of Technical Committee), Stan Kachnowski (OurMed Board Chair), Greg Miller (OurMed Executive Director), Elise Passikoff (OurMed Tech Committee), Dr. Stephen Press (OurMed Content Committee Chair)

The meeting commenced at 9am with the Agenda:

Meeting Agenda:

Date: March 4, 2010

OurMed Kickoff Meeting Agenda

BM will briefly outline the features to be developed according to the contract

Phase 1: Wireframes, Designs draft and finalize, client deliverables
    BM will develop homepage wireframe and design
    BM will develop a template wireframe and design
    BM will discuss with Client and consultants about specific criteria and requests.
    BM will solicit the client's desires for the staging and production environment and access to each.

   List of client deliverables
        1. Client to define the complete doctor approval process.
        2. Some form of access to the back-end of the current site, including FTP logins, CMS logins, logins to any third-party software.
        3. Documentation of the current site, including site architecture database schema and data model, or information about any APIs that are currently being used.
        4. A back-up of the data from the current site.

Phase 1 Completion:
    After 3 week design and client deliverables phase BM will provide a timeline and determine any elements that will be removed from those enumerated in the contract at client's request.

Organization & Communication
    Once a month in-person meetings. Determine day & time
    Once a week conference call. Determine day and time
    Weekly community call, with BM optionally participating at its discretion
    BM asks client to determine the client's staff responsibilities for their deliverables as well as a designated client liaison for communication and approval.

Clarify client expectations for the weekly reviews
    - wireframes, designs, screenshots
    - possibly show completed, tested, functioning elements
Clarify who has ultimate sign-off and approval on wireframes, home page and template designs, specific page layouts and designs, and application behavior. Stan or Greg? (Wiki site vs Info News blog site)

BM will gladly listen to and solicit suggestions, ideas, and preferences from the client throughout the process. BM will at its discretion determine whether a client request falls within 1.) the scope of the contract 2.) outside the scope of the contract and subject to a change order and whether it is 'billable' or included in the contract 3.) outside the scope of Phase 1 as outlined in the contract.

OurMed Project Management Tools

• For task management, we are going to use Zoho and a shared Google spreadsheet. (High level tasks will be set up on Zoho, while the details will be in the Google spreadsheet.)
• For time tracking, we are going to use Zoho.
• For designing wireframes we are going to use ProtoShare.
• For QA, we are going to use shared Google spreadsheet and another web-based bug tracking tool, possibly Trac although we are exploring other options.
• For weekly conference calls, we will use GoToMeeting. Conf. ID and call-in number will be email to the team.
• We are going to use SVN as code management and version control, and during the development phase, we unfortunately can't give you access to this.
• We use Skype and the company email to communicate between team members here and abroad.

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