1-15-10 Community Call Minutes

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Here are the Minutes of Friday’s OurMed Community Call including an invitation to celebrate Wikipedia Day on January 24th:


The conference call meeting started at 1pm and was attended by:

· Vanessa Moore (OurMed Recruitment Committee) Vanessa.moore@ourmed.org

· Greg Miller (OurMed Director) greg.miller@ourmed.org

· Dr. Stephen Press (OurMed Content Committee)

· Soo See Lee (PharmD, CDE)

· Elise Passikoff (New York Academy of Medicine, Scientists without Borders)

· Richard Knipel (President, Wikimedia Foundation NYC Chapter)

· Professor Tony Wasserman (Carnegie Mellon, Silicon Valley)

· Terri Morgan (MediaWiki Software Consultant)

· Rob Logan, PhD (Senior Staff Member at the National Library of Medicine)

My apologies if I’ve missed someone, please let me know. Similarly, if there are any inaccuracies or additions to the minutes also let me know and I will update them for the archives – greg.miller@ourmed.org

The OurMed Symbiosis Project:

Richard described a five point plan to grow content on OurMed’s site with a focus of incorporating content from other free license wiki’s like Wikipedia. More here: http://ourmed.org/index.php/Ourmed:Symbiosis

The community called for a need to update the MediaWiki software to the most recent version. OurMed’s version of the MediaWiki software with the (“what you see is what you get”) editor is 4 generations behind the most current one. Running the old version prevents copy & pasting because OurMed’s version doesn’t accept the Wiki formatting. Once we have done this, pre-programmed templates can be used.

Tony followed up this link to upgrade MediaWiki: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Upgrading

OurMed (Content) Policy:

Stephen gave an overview of his suggestions for three precepts to writing on OurMed: Be polite, be bold and be referenced. He has created a template for us to flesh out these protocols at: http://ourmed.org/index.php/Ourmed_policy

Richard added a benchmark reference that there are fundamental principles by which Wikipedia operates have been summarized by editors in the form of five "pillars" including sourcing requirements, neutral point of view policy, free content policy, civil interaction policy and the fifth “that there are no rules.”

Neutral point of view policy – reflects and represents in proportion what is reflected in literature

Terri Morgan suggested that our site has a link to OurMed policy on the homepage. Also have writing guidelines. Greg suggested that Stephen’s article be linked from the left side of the screen however it should be noted that the our new vendor (Blueliner) will redesign the entire site in the coming weeks so we should table this to our first design meeting with them.

NIH/NLM’s PubMed Licensing Policy After Stephen contacted the National Library of Medicine on behalf of OurMed to ascertain the NLM’s PubMed licensing policy of its content. Rob Logan of the NLM joined the meeting to ask that we confer with him to ensure that we are in compliance with their policy. Greg pledged to follow up by email and arrange a meeting by telephone.

The earlier response that Stephen received was from Leonore Burks, NIH Contractor Librarian:

NLM data are produced by a U.S. Government agency and include works of the
United States Government that are not protected by U.S. copyright law but
may be protected by non-US copyright law, as well as abstracts originating
from publications that may be protected by U.S. or non-US copyright law.

NLM assumes no responsibility or liability associated with use of
copyrighted material, including transmitting, reproducing, redistributing,
or making commercial use of the data. NLM does not provide legal advice
regarding copyright (http://www.copyright.gov/), fair use
(http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html), or other aspects of intellectual
property rights. Persons contemplating any type of transmission or
reproduction of copyrighted material such as abstracts are advised to
consult legal counsel.

Please note that if you would like to simply create a link to a PubMed
citation or search strategy, you do not need permission. See our "Creating a
Web Link to the Entrez Databases" instructions at

Also, if you would like to add a PubMed search box to your website see our
"Add PubMed to Your Web Site" instructions at

Rob Logan, Senior Staff Member of the NLM, introduced himself on the call.  He said that although he is not the optimal contact for OurMed at NLM he would email some officials at NCBI and hope that someone will serve as OurMed's liason.

Technology Update
Stephen gave an overview of the measures taken to stop the spam. He suggested that some Russian kids from New York’s Brighton Beach area were the culprits of spamming we saw on the Human papillomavirus page. Richard asked how Stephen knew they were from Brighton Beach and Stephen said that was summarized from some of the vandalism in Russian.  Also Stephen reported that the vandals would comment in remarks of gratitude for our site, masking themselves as good citizens of the OurMed community.

Elise asked about whether the contract had been signed and Greg explained some of the final details between Blueliner and OurMed were being worked out by Vincent Navarro and Stan Kachnowski (from India). We expect it to be signed this coming week.

Tony offered to connect with anyone about the Consumer Electronics Conference that he attended last week in Las Vegas.

Writing Articles on OurMed/Founding Framer Program
Greg encouraged the weekly participants on the call to return the OurMed Community Membership form (attached) along with their brief bios so that he can begin to credit them toward the OurMed Founding Framer Program.

Sou See offered to write an article on the H1N1 virus or from her Pharmacology background. Greg explained that an OurMed user account was now required to write articles and offered to follow up with Sou See to walk her through setting them up.

Article on Financial Ties Between Clinical Study Leaders And Pharmaceutical Companies
Wrapping up the meeting at 2:40, Greg called attention to the Reuters article that Eileen McGinn contributed to the E-Newsletter.

Wikipedia Day NYC

We have much gratitude for the help of our Wikipedian friends, first and foremost Florence Devouard (Former Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation that made Wikipedia) and Oleta McHenry, former Wikimedia accountant and current Treasurer at OurMed. Both Florence and Oleta are Board Memb with OurMed. More recently Dr. Stephen Press and Richard Knipel (President of Wikimedia New York City Chapter) have been recent members to the OurMed Community Forum and helped reduce spam and suggest protocols and strategy for developing the OurMed’s content.

This month Wikipedia celebrates their 9th year anniversary—To see what Wikipedia looked like nine years ago click here: http://web.archive.org/web/20010303221706/www.wikipedia.com/wiki/HomePage

In comparison, Greg thinks OurMed.Org looks pretty good.

Richard has invited OurMedians to Wikipedia Day NYC. The event will be held at NYU's Kimmel Center at 60 Washington Square South from 1 PM to 7 PM on Sunday, January 24th.

To register, sign up here: http://bit.ly/wikidaynyc

The free event, sponsored by Free Culture NYU and Wikimedia NYC, and joined
by eKindling Philippines OLPC group, will include tutorials and all kinds of discussions, and is especially oriented to newcomers and people who are interested in Wikipedia's unique community-driven model of an encyclopedia.

Information here:

Any questions about the event can be directed to Richard Knipel to: pharosofalexandria(at}gmail.com


Greg offered to follow-up with anyone wanting to ask questions or participate further with the OurMed initiative. The OurMed Community Call adjourned at 2:45PM. The next meeting will be at 2pm on Friday January 22nd. Feel free to forward agenda topics to Greg.Miller@ourmed.Org  –Thank You!


Greg Miller
Executive Director

OurMed is an independent 501(c3)
non-profit organization located at:
The Audubon Business and Technology Center
Lasker Biomedical Research Building
Columbia Medical University Center
3960 Broadway - Suite 301
New York, NY 10032
o (212) 740-1850
c (917) 627-7155
f (267) 295-9949
Watch the 3minute OurMed Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqgYfFxEkLk

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